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If you have a water or a gas leak at your house of busines we are ready to assist you.  LA Plumbing offers leak detection and repair for broken water lines.  With over two decades in the rooting and line repair we are ready to help you.

Water and Gas Line Repair

If you are looking for a company that can quickly response in detecting and repairing water or gas leak, you have come to the right place.  Our water and gas specialist are fully equipped to locate the problem and instantly provide you with a solution in a timely manner. 

Water Leak Repair

If you are seeing unusual sign of water or hearing  water leak, it is important to immediately solve the problem.  A water leak or a slab leak at a residence is one of the biggest reasons black mold develop.  Black mold is attracted by moisture usually caused by leaky water pipelines growing on the walls of a home.  Therefore, failing to immediately fix any water leaks at your home can put you and your family in danger.  Once black mold develops, spread and the spores are inhaled,  it can cause health issues such as: headaches, fever, eyes irritation, sneezing, rashes, chronic coughing, etc.  Therefore, if you feel you have a water leak or slab leak at your home, it is imperative to immediately repair the problem before it is too late.  Don’t wait before it’s too late, protect yourself and your family from the dangers of black mold by not giving it a chance to appear. 

Gas Leak Repair

If you are smelling natural gas and/or hearing unusual hissing noises there is a big possibility that you may have a gas leak at your home.  Please note that if you are hearing of seeing signs of gas leaks, immediately shut of the gas valve and get assistance from a professional company like LA Plumbing Service to assist you locate and repair the problem.  According to the Southern California Gas Company, they are only in charge of the gas meter and the line that goes in it.  After the meter it is the property owner, property manager, tenant and/or occupant’s responsibility for any repair that has to be done.  Let us help protect you from the dangers of gas leaks by calling our gas and heating professionals today.

Protect Yourself  and Your Family From All The Dangers Water, Slab, or Gas Leak Can Bring About.

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Earthquake valve installation for gas line

Natural Gas Plumbing

Protect your family from any natural gas leaks. We repair gas lines and install shut off gas valves.

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