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Prevent Kitchen Plumbing Disasters From Happening

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Grease Trap, Grease Interceptor Cleaning and Pumping. Hydro Jet Plumbing.

Grease Management Maintenance Program

If you have ever had a plumbing disaster, you know how this can affect your daily operations.  Plumbing disaster can be very costly especially when the city inspectors are involved forcing the business to shut its doors.   Plumbing troubles commonly happens to businesses that do not have preventative maintenance schedule that they abide by.

Specializing In The food servicing industry

Commercial Kitchen Plumbing Service.

Businesses with commercial kitchens understand the importance of having a cooking area that is fully functional.  Plumbing problems such as line blockage or grease overflows can be a burden especially if you are forced to shut down the kitchen

What's Preventative Maintenance Package?

At LA Plumbing and Hydro Jet Services we offer maintenance preventive services for all food servicing companies such as: restaurants, commissary, food manufacturers, catering kitchens, hotels, country clubs, etc.. Our maintenance service consist of :

  • Grease Trap or Inteceptor Cleaning
  • Baffle Cleaning
  • Hydro Jettig of Main Lines
  • Jetting of Branch Lines

When pumping an interceptor it is important that the servicer pump all content out of the device.  Grease interceptor contents will consist of grease on the top, water in the middle (separator) and solids in the bottom.  It is imperative that when servicing the grease interceptor that there is nothing left inside the tank.  Furthermore, if the grease interceptor capacity is at a 1,000 gallons, the servicer should always be taking nothing less out of it unless there is a malfunction in the device.  Grease interceptors are only empty the day that it is pumped out and once the water from the kitchen is turned on, it will fill up to its normal capacity.  Upon reaching its normal gallon capacity, for every gallon of water, grease and solids that enters it will release the same amount of waste water out.

Prevent Plumbing and Grease Trap / Interceptor Disasters From Happening.

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Trenchless sewer repair.

Trenchless Liner

This new technology allow you to replace long sewer lines in no time.  Versus the old way of pipe replacement trenchless pipe repair lessens the amount of excavation and down time.

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