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Installation and Repair

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Installation of water heaters.

Water Heater &Boiler Installation & Repair

Whether you are looking to repair, replace or upgrade to a new water heater LA Plumbing Service is here for you.  Our experts have vast experience in working with tankless water heaters, boilers and tank water heaters for commercial and residential properties. 

Tankless Water Heater

We Install & Repair Water Heaters & Boilers.

If you are looking to upgrade to a tankless water heater we are here to help you find the best one that suits your needs.  There are many water heaters in the market and if you are unsure about what to purchase we highly suggest for you to contact us so we can point you the right direction.  Before recommending the right water heater for you, we use a specific formula to determine the right specs that will suit your needs.  Purchasing the wrong unit may not produce enough heated water for your home or business which can be a nuisance.  Let us help you install and get best tankless water heater that will fit your needs.

Tank Water Heaters & Boilers

We Can Help Find The Right Heater For You.

If you water heater or boiler needs to be installed or repair LA Plumbing and Hydro Jetting Services is committed to serve you.   We have access to most water heater brands and sizes that can best suit your needs.  Our experts can offer you free analysis to ensure that you are getting the right water heater or boiler that will cater to your requirements.

Choosing a water heater can be very difficult to do, there are many options to choose from such as the sizing, brand, tank or tankless units. As professionals we are here to provide you with answers to make your decision a little easier. Call us today for a free water heater and boiler consultation at 323-201-7473.

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Natural Gas Line Repair

Gas Line Plumber

Safety is always first.  If you are smelling gas or hearing gas leaking, DO NOT WAIT until it's too late.  We can help fix gas leak or gas line problems for low affordable prices.

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